Artists Statement

Every time I start a new series of works I start with a sense of wonder, a speeding up of my pulse, a feeling like I can’t catch up to the things I want to express and the places I want the work to take me. If asked, I would say that my ultimate artist fantasy would be to spend a night in the Hall of Biodiversity in New York City’s Museum of Natural History. The first time I stood in this space and took in all the shapes, patterns and colors it blew my mind. I have learned the power of simple good design from nature. I love pattern, rhythm and layers of experience in art. The “happy accident” nature of mixed media keeps me coming back again and again to see what will happen next in a piece. My intention is to create an experience for the viewer that generates an emotional relationship with a piece, massaging their own creativity and possibility.

I am an artist living and working and raising three children in Central, MA. I graduated from Skidmore College in 1987 with a degree in Studio Art. Part of my undergraduate studies was spent at the University of Wales in Cardiff studying Welsh language and folklore. I started painting seriously and selling my work in 2006. Turning forty was pivotal for me! Teaching art to children for eleven years brought me back to my bliss and I was reminded of what has always made me the happiest: making art. Welcome to my world!

* The spelling of the word figment goes back to college. I created a three-dimensional sculpture of the word: “Phygment” – a play on the fact that I was known as a creative speller. The word stuck and I was known to some in the art department as “Phygment” for years. Also, spelled this way it looks like a welsh word which I prefer.